Mr. Silver was both professional and creative with my session. It was really a great experience having my headshots done at his facility and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks for the great service Nill!
Nill did my daughters modeling portfolio as well as several years of dance pictures. He has a gift for making a picture pop and always interesting ideas. I think he would make a great fashion photography but he’s good at too many things to limit himself to just one. You won’t go wrong with him.
Nill is a fantastic photographer with a great eye for the best shots! He makes you jump off the page!
 Working with Nill was so fun and so easy! And impressive results!
In addition to our bi-weekly, business-to-business newspaper, we produced several annual publications that served niche industries, such as event planning, real estate/relocation and business services. Sure, it’s easy to find stock photography, but it’s also very bland. We needed dynamic shots that were “hyper local” that would connect with our B-2-B audience. And Nill delivered. From savory food to stunning architecture to engaging people shots, it was Nill’s excellent photography that engaged our readers and advertisers.
 I am not a guy who’s comfortable in front of a camera, but Nill made the process quick, painless and surprisingly easy – and somehow managed to get a good shot of me – so I recommend him highly.
Nill photographed speakers and attendees at the first annual InnoMobility conference,which attracted an international audience. He did an excellent job of capturing images of the participants, and I highly recommend him.
Nill is a kind and motivated individual who possesses a talent for drawing a passion out of those who work with him which inevitably leads to both an efficient and successful work environment. It is a lways a pleasure to work with him and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an amiable professional of the highest caliber.