Keon Washington, more widely known as “Keon the Barber”

Born in a small spot on the of map Indian town called Nassawadoux, VA surrounded by many other small backwoods towns, needless to say Keon was raised a country boy. Virginia happens to be a state known for having insanely talented stylist. “I have been cutting hair for 10 years now”, says Keon. He continues “before I was a licensed professional I had found a love for the game.”  Currently Manager of Sporty Cuts in Greenville, SC but his focus has shifted to providing private education and training.

From the Stylist:

Designs are my specialty, big intricate and detailed hair art. I also have a customs business that i maintain as well called “Krayon Customz” will soon have merchandize avail on the site. I live hair and dedicate my life to it, it is my passion and has led me to my purpose. I will be offering 2 types of classes: look and learn and interactive hands on demo classes. As some of my idols would say my aim is to “under promise and over deliver”.